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Autor Editorial Año
"Adaptive control" Chang C. Tong ISA 1993
"advanced temperature control" Gregory K. Millan  ISA 1995
"Advances in industrial computing technology 2000" Stacy Henkle  ISA 2000
"Aplication concepts of process control" Paul W. Murrill ISA 1988
"Appled instrumentation in the process industries" G. Andrew Gulf Publishing 1979
"Application of safety instrumented systems for the process industries" ISA ISA 1996
"Applied optimal control, optimization estimation and control" Arthur E, Brynson Taylor and Francis 1975
"Applyng 588, batch control fom a users perspective" Jim Parshall ISA 2000
"Autocad 14" Jose dominguez alconchel Mc Graw Hill 1998
"Automation 78" ISA ISA 1978
"Automation systems for control and data acquisition" Lowrence T. Amy  ISA 1992
"Automatismo y control" T.lopez Navarro G.G 1975
"Automatizacion problemas resueltos de automatas" J. Pedro Romero  Editorial Paraninfo 1998
"Basic industrial" Bruce R. Whalen Retex 1989
"Batch control part1: modelsand terminology" ISA ISA 1995
"Batch control systems, design aplication and implementation" Thomas G. Fisher ISA 1990
"Batch control" A.E. Nisenfeld ISA 1996
"Biomedical sciences instrumentation" Ruth A. Dyer  ISA 1994
"Calibration: A techicians guide" Mike Cable ISA 2005
"Certified specialist examination analytical technology" ISA ISA 1992
"CIM in the process industries" Jhon W. Bernard ISA 1989
"Computer control strategies for the fluid process industries" Albert A. Gunkler  ISA 1990
"Conceptual design analysis applied to offshore control systms" Bill G. Tompkins ISA 1992
"Continuous process control" P.G. Friedmann ISA 1996
"Control center design, guide and terminology" ISA ISA 1995
"Control electronico con el pc" Patric oguio ITP 1997
"Control electronuematico y electronico" J. Hyde  Alfaomega 1998
"Control room" Gregory K. Millan  ISA 1989
"Control systems engineering study guide" ISA ISA 1993
"Control valve" Hans D. Baumann ISA 1998
"Control valvels" Guy Borden Jr ISA 1998
"Controles automaticos" Howard Harrison  Prentice hall 1969
"Corel draw 9"  Daniel Burgos Mc Graw Hill 2000
"Corel Gallery" Corel Corpoation Corel corporation 1998
"Corel Guide" Corel Corpoation Corel corporation 1997
"Corel photo-paint 8" Corel Corpoation Corel corporation 1999
"Corel photo-paint 9" Corel Corpoation Corel corporation 1998
"Curso de robotica" Rafael Aviles Editorial Paraninfo 1989
"DC Interfacing and data acquisition" Kevin James  Newnes  2000
"Defintions and information pertaining to electrical instruments in hazardous loacations" ISA ISA 1991
"Design and application ofprocess control systems" Armando B. Corripio ISA 1998
"Developing guidelines for instrumentation and control" N.E. battikha ISA 1995
"Dictonary of measurement and control:guidelines for quality and productivity" ISA ISA 1995
"Digital control system analysis and design" Charles L. Phillips  Prentice hall 1995
"Digital fieldbus computer related topics and plant floor communications" ISA ISA 1999
"Dinamica de sistemas" Katsuhiko ogata Prentice hall 1989
"Dispersing heat through conviction" Gregory K. Millan  ISA 1999
"Easy transister projects you can build" Robert M. Brown  Tab books  1969
"e-Business in manufacturing" Shai L.S ISA 2002
"Economics of control improvement" Paul G. Friedmann ISA 1995
"Electrical instruments in hazardous locations" Ernest Magison ISA 1998
"Electrical systems for oil and gas production facilities" David N. Bishop ISA 1992
"Electronic controllers" Lawrence M. Thompson ISA 1991
"Electronica digital" Eduardo Garcia  editorial diana 1999
"Enciclopedia de corel draw 8" Jose Luis Oros  Rama 1998
"Enviromental control systems" Randy Down ISA 1992
"Enviromental protection by the neutralization of wastewater using PH control" Ralph L. Moore ISA 1995
"Essentials of SPC in the process industries" James M. Pruett ISA 1993
"estudia tecnico para la seccion de instrumentacion aplicada a la ing. Petrolera Jose Antonio Neri Olvera   1982
"Fiber optic sensor, fundamentals and aplications" D. A. Krohn ISA 1992
"Fiber optic sensors" D. A. Krohn ISA 2000
"Fieldbus for process control: engineering, operation and maintenance" Jonas Berge ISA 2002
"Fieldbus standard for use in industrial control systems" ISA ISA 1997
"Flow control" William S. Buzzard ISA 1994
"Flow measurement" W. Spitzer  ISA 1991
"flowmeters" Furio Cacetta  ISA 1988
"Foundations an programming through basic" University of oregon Jhon Wiley and Sons 1979
"Fundamentals of industrial control" C.C. Albert ISA 1992
"Fundamentals of process control theory"  Paul W. Murrill ISA 2000
"Fuzzy modeling and control" Hung T. Nguyen CRC Press 1999
"Good tuning" Gregory K. Millan  ISA 2000
"Graphic symbols for distributed control shared display instrumentation logic and computer systems" ISA ISA 1982
"How to become an instrument engineer" Gregory K. Millan  ISA 1987
"How to program and interface the 6806" Andrew stauguard Howard Sams 1982
"industrial data communications" Lawrence M. Thompson ISA 1997
"Industrial Electronics" Royce Gerald kloeffler Jhon Wiley and Sons 1960
"Industrial fiber optic networks" John C. Huber ISA 1995
"Industrial instrumentation techician assessment" M. Scott Byers ISA 1994
"Industrial intelligent control" Yong Zai LU Jhon Wiley and Sons 1996
"Industrial pressure, level and density measurement" Donald R. Gillu ISA 1995
"Ingenieria de control automatico" Jse Nacif Narchi   1978
"Ingenieria de control moderno" Benjamin C. Kuo  Prentice hall 1996
"Instrument loop diagrams" ISA ISA 1997
"Instrumentacion de una planta tratadora de efluentes" Jose L. Perez Navarro   1981
"Instrumentacion electronica y tecnicas de medicion" William D. Cooper Prentice hall 1997
"Instrumentacion industrial"  Antonio Creus Alfaomega 1997
"Instrumentacion industrial"  Soisson Limusa  1997
"Instrumentacion y control industrial" Jose Antonio Neri Olvera ISA 1988
"Instrumentation and control systems documentation" Frederick A. Meier ISA 2004
"Instrumentation instllation project management system" John M. Bacon  ISA 1989
"Instrumentation symposium for the process industries" Sherrie J. hughes ISA 1995
"instrumentation, controls and automation in the power industry" Gordon Mcfarland ISA 1995
"Instrumentos industriales, su ajuste y calibracion" Antonio Creus Alfaomega 1990
"Instrumentos para medicion y control" W.G. Holzbock CECSA 1991
"Inteligencia artificial un enfoque moderno" Stuar Rusell ISA 1996
"Introductory experiments in digital electronics and 8080A"   Technibook series  1978
"ISA certified control systems techician (CCST PROGRAM)" ISA ISA 2002
"ISA guide to measurement conversions" George Platt ISA 1994
"ISA handbook of control valves" J.w. Hutchison ISA 1990
"ISA handbook of measurement equeations and tables" William H. Cubberly  ISA 1994
"ISA standards nuclear and fossil power plant facilities" ISA ISA 1999
"ISA tech/expo technology update" ISA ISA 1997
"Ley de adquisicion y ley de obras"     2000
"Logical thoughts at 4:00 AM" G.S. Mc weiner ISA 1991
"Maintanance of instruments and systems" Goettsche D. ISA 1995
"Manufacturing strategy" John Miltenberg Productivity process 1995
"Matematicas avanzadas para ingenieria" Erwin Kreyszig Limusa  1990
"Material de apoyo didactico para el ciclo de teleconferencias ISA" ISA ISA 1997
"measurement and control basics" Thomas A. Hughes ISA 1995
"Measurement uncertainty, methods and applications" Ronald H. Dieck ISA 1992
"Memoria de labores 1999" Pemex Pemex 1999
"Methods for solving process plant problems" Joel O. Hougen  ISA 1996
"Multivariable process control" Pradeep B. Deshpande ISA 1989
"Optimization of industrial unit process" Bela G. Liptak CRC Press 1999
"Pc interfacing for data acquisition and process control" Sanjay gupta ISA 1994
"Ph measurement and control" Gregory K. Millan  ISA 1994
"PID controllers: theory, design and tuning" K. Astrom  ISA 1995
"Practical thermocouple thermometry"  T.W. kerlin  ISA 1999
"Preventive maintenance" Joseph D. Patton Jr ISA 1995
"Primer simposio Cd de Mexico, medicion y control de proceso" ISA ISA 1975
"Principle of industrial measurement for control applications" Ernest Smith ISA 1984
"Problems in electronics with solutions" F.A. Benson  Bornes and Noble  1966
"Process control strategy " Page S. Buckley  ISA 1992
"Process control systems" Fran Jovic Kogan Page 1986
"Process control" George Platt ISA 1988
"Process gas chromatography" Raymond Annino  ISA 1992
"Process instrumentation manifolds" John E. Hewson ISA 1985
"Process measurement and analysis" Bela G. Liptak Chilton book 1982
"Programable controllers" Thomas A. Hughes ISA 1989
"Programable controllers" 2nd Edition Thomas A. Hughes ISA 1997
"Programable controllers" 3nd Edition Thomas A. Hughes ISA 2001
"Programacion de automatas industriales omron" Ferran Ibanez Alfaomega 1995
"Purdys instrument handbook" Ralph Dewey  ISA 1998
"Recommended environments for standards laboratories" ISA ISA 1975
"Recopilacion de datos metereologicos por medio de un control distribuido desarrollado en delphi de un sistema de adquisision de datos Oliver Mota Perez   1999
"Regulatory and advanced regulatory control" David William Spitzer ISA 1994
"Regulatory and advanced regulatory control: system development" Harold L. Wode  ISA 1994
"Revision de la tecnologia del foundation fieldbus(FF)" ISA ISA 1977
"Safety equipment retability handbook" Charles Handsome Exida 2005
"Safety instrumented systems for the process industry" ISA ISA 2002
"SCADA, supervisory control and data acquisition" Stuart A. Boyer ISA 1993
"Serial networked field instrumentation" J.R. Jordan Willey 1995
"Service management principles and practices" Joseph D. Patton Jr ISA 1994
"Service part management"  Joseph D. Patton Jr ISA 1984
"Service parts handbook" Joseph Patton  Solomon Press  1997
"Simulacion un enfoque practico" Raul Coss Bu ISA 1997
"Sistema de medicion, principios y aplicaciones" John P. Bentley CECSA 1993
"sistemas de comunicación digitales y analogicos" leon W. Couch II Prentice hall 1998
"Sistemas de control de procesos" F.G. Shinskey  Mc Graw Hill 1998
"sistemas de control en tiempo discreto" Katsuhiko ogata Prentice hall 1996
"sistemas de control moderno analisis y diseño" Grantham y vicent Limusa  1998
"Smart sensors" Paul W. Chapman  ISA 1996
"Society and executive board" ISA ISA 2001
"specification forms for process measurement and control instruments, primary elements and control valves" ISA ISA 1981
"Start-up: A techicians guide" Diane Harris ISA 1991
"Telemetry system architecture" Jud Strock ISA 1995
"temperature measurement in industry" E.C. magison ISA 1990
"The data acquisitiono systems" Omega engineering Alfaomega 1995
"The electric heaters" Omega engineering Alfaomega 1995
"The flow and level" Omega engineering Alfaomega 1995
"the management of control systems justification and technical auditing" N.E. battikha ISA 1992
"The measurement instrumentation and sensors" Jhon G. Webster CRC Press 2000
"The ph and conductivity" Omega engineering Alfaomega 1995
"The pressure strain and force" Omega engineering Alfaomega 1995
"The temperature" Omega engineering Alfaomega 1995
"Troubles hooting: A techicians guide" William L. Mostia ISA 2000
"TRS-80 Interfacing" Jonathan A. Titus Howard Sams 1979
"Tuning and control loop performance" Gregory K. Millan  ISA 1994
"Tuning of industrial control systems" A.B. Corripio ISA 2001
"UCSD pascal a begimers guide to programming microcomputers" R.C. Holt Reston publishing 1982
"Understanding distributed procesor systems for control" Samuel M. Herb ISA 1999
"understanding distributed process control" J.A Moore  ISA 1983
"Variable speed drives, Principles and applications for energy cost saving" David William Spitzer ISA 1990
"what went wrong?"  Treva Kletz Gulf Publishing 1998
"Wiring practices for hazardous locations instrumentation" ISA ISA 1995
"World class manufacturing process control" Joseph P. Shunta Prentice hall 1995
"Z80 Instruction handbook" Nat Wadswort Scelbr publications 1978
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